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EaglePoint Web Services Agreement

By requesting any service or product from EaglePoint Web Services Company (henceforth referred to as "EaglePoint"), you certify that you have read this entire agreement and that you agree to the following terms:

I. Any service or product provided or distributed by EaglePoint is provided or distributed "as is" and is not guaranteed fit for any purpose. Although EaglePoint will attempt to correct any problems or disputes, it is not legally obligated to do so.

II. All services or products must be paid for in full before they will be provided.

III. All information, data, or links on any web site(s), service, or product provided or distributed by EaglePoint is the responsibility of the purchaser, and the purchaser is fully responsible for any damages, direct, indirect, intentional, accidental, physical, emotional, or otherwise, to any and all parties and to any and all property, including, but not limited to, computer software and hardware, caused by the viewing or use of the content by any party.

IV. The purchaser will not resell or reuse any material created by EaglePoint without EaglePoint's expressed written consent.

V. Any web site developed by EaglePoint, including, but not limited to, text, images, source code, and design, is the property thereof and shall not reproduced in any form whatsoever without expressed written consent.

VI. If any upkeep fee is not paid on time, no services shall be provided until it is received. If any upkeep fee is three months overdue the site in question shall be removed from the Internet until they are paid or a license fee is paid.

VII. If a license fee is paid, this being equal to the development fee, a copy of the source code will be sent to the contact email address along with applicable images. These images and source code shall not be used in any form or site other than provided, although minor changes and upkeep to that site are allowed.

If you would like to see an example of our work visit BSA Troop 254.
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